Offline Barrier Breaker

by Michael Koh on October 4, 2011

If you’ve ever tried telemarketing or dropping in on a business you know how difficult it can be to actually talk to the person in charge. With Offline Barrier Breaker, Wes has devised a strategy thaOffline Barrier Breakert very cleverly allows you an instant foot in the door so you can get pass those gatekeepers and straight to the boss of the business. Or to give you their bosses contact info if they cannot make the necessary decisions.

Offline Barrier Breaker is a game changer, it teaches one of the most natural ways to break the ice. It starts with a face to face, NO SELLING NEEDED, and then you can follow up via calls and emails. Building a rapport with potential clients and coming to them from a place of service. You know reciprocation and likability are two of the key factors in persuading people to work with you. Wes uses these factors brilliantly in this method. Businesses will feel a natural affinity for you after you perform this service and they will want to work with you again. Wes provides some advice for natural upsells so you will know exactly what to say when those businesses do want to work with you again.

You get 5 video/audio modules and transcripts, detailing everything from how to approach to how to scale it up, as well as actually how to do the work. It is a blueprint. You get sample scripts and images for 3 local niches. It’s a huge download, and it’s packed with great information, video tutorials, PDF’s, Scripts, and just tons of very detailed information and is presented in a very pleasant and teachable way.

The bonuses on this WSO are absolutely killer. Really the bonuses alone could go for $20 or more because they provide a done-for-you-system that anyone can follow. In my mind anything that saves me time is a major plus so you’ll want to download them right away.

Because, unlike a lot of other client acquisition methods, this concept provides the small business owner IMMEDIATE value. I honestly can’t see how a business owner would turn down your offer. From there, the upside is almost unlimited. If you are working in the offline arena with local businesses, and aren’t AFRAID to connect with real people, then I would say you buy this asap.

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